Re: It's not plagiarism, but the slippery slope sure is beckoning

Pathetic - why not just send someone else to come and write exams on behalf of a student - after all, these are not valid ways of assessing anything either. In fact, the whole concept that assessment may be useful is just a figment of the imagination of millions of people, some of them suprisingly caring and compassionate (and clever, too!).

The relentless chatter, also from Stephen, about all the myriad informal ways in which we will all be able to learn in the future without our capabilities being assessed (not even through essays!) require a planeful of competent autodidacts.

I prefer the student who wrote his own (not so great) essay to the second one who didn't write the (really great, plagiarism-free) essay. You can see why in that one sentence - if you can't, your ethics are probably on the same slippery slope as the second student. [Comment] [Permalink]