Re: The End of the Internet?

A product of the 60' and 70's, I always keep an eye on the "establishment." 30-40 years later, this is yet another example of why that has to be the case. They improve the net, extend access to it, market it/sell it, get us using it for purposes (buying books and stuff and paying bills) well beyond the applied community research inntended by its founders (and Al Gore). Once hooked, they reel us in by charging postage. What will happen to all the students and educators using it to extend the reach of the classroom well beyond the walls? To all the lives that have benefited from "talking with" and learning from others who are in the same condition as they are, but might live across the world from them? These are just two simple reasons to leave the net alone. But I'm not too worried. The creative commons around the globe will find a way to bypass "them" with our own satellites and airwaves and keep the "other" net as free as possible, and maybe even free of advertising, marketing, spybots, viruses, etc. [Comment] [Permalink]