Re: The End of the Internet?

Anymouse, nice encapsulation; you just fell short of nailing the full force of the folly. Americans believe that We ARE the destiny of the world! a three century-old doctrine of American exceptionalism, rampant Christian corporate evangelism, "melting pot" meme, and the legacy of 20th century world warfare [US WMD; NASA; fall of USSR] have combined to hammer this conviction immoveably into the minds of a very substantial majority: that no rational human could actually volunteer to inhabit the great grey fogfield of poverty, corruption and despair known as "Rest of World". corollary: They must clearly all be prisoners Out There, either literally or through lack of courage/vision/"gumption" -- They all would certainly prefer to be here. all expressions of disavowal by Them simply affirm for Us their jealousy/clueless/untrustworthiness. [and anyway, we no longer have room/resources to spare.] [Comment] [Permalink]