Re: An Introduction to Connective Knowledge

Concepts which have given me my framework for the connections between knowledge and reality are: 1) Uncertainty Principal - Heisenberg 2) Cosmology - Dark matter, big bang 3) Eastern religions and duality - yin-yang, energy-matter, particle-waves 4) Darwinian Evolution 5) Cultural Anthropology - Colin Turnbull, Margaret Mead 6) Quantum theory: quantum entanglement, quantum foam of space, etc. 7) Fuzzy Logic - Lotfi Zadeh, Bart Kosko 8) Complexity & Chaos theory - Santa Fe Institute --- One time on the street, a Lyndon LaRouche vendor asked me did I know what was the truth. I answered, "Truth is what you believe." It was not the answer he wanted. I had never spoken that sentence before but the more I thought about it the more I realized I couldn't punch any holes in the statement. Knowledge, truth, & reality are entertwined in ways that we can only glimpse with the intellectual tools at are disposal. [Comment] [Permalink]