Sticks and Stones and Snap Judgements

Jeremy Price, Smelly Knowledge, Dec 29, 2005
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jeremy Price responds to a comment posted on this site a couple of days ago complaining about the use of adacemic jargon. Price argues, "some issues, ideas, concepts, thoughts are complex and necessitate deep and thorough thinking. The issues surrounding the use and nature of Wikipedia is one such topic." I recognize the need to balance accessible content with deep thought, and while I try to post introductory material frequently, I will not back off from taking the discussion to a deeper level if the link warrants it. In the end, you choose what to read: if it's too simple, too academic, or just plain uninteresting, skip over the link and read the next - my target is to give you one thing each day that will be useful; anything else is gravy.
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