Re: Bus to Canada

You are right, there is nothing better than the Canadian Health care system. What I especially like is the equal treatment. We are all in the same boat, like in the old Soviet Union, which had the ranking for health service, called nomenclatura. Here it is slightly different. First Government officials such as the Governor General gets treated. Then union leaders such as Buzz Hargrove (3 days for miniscus operation), sports people get treated immediately. Then our cherished terrorists, such as Karim Khadr, who was treated within three days after arriving from Pakistan. According to Ontario law, he is not even entitled to treatment for 90 days after taking residence. But who is counting, Canadians are are caring. Who cares, if the rest of the two million people, who are on waiting lists, die in the bargain. They are not part of the nomenclatura. Who gives a damn if they are old and cannot fight to get an MRI or a badly needed operation. STALIN WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD! [Comment] [Permalink]