Connectivism: why I’m a skeptic
Paul LeftPaul Left,, 2012/03/08

Paul Left offers three reasons to doubt connectivism:
- "Because network connections are required at the micro level does not mean that they are necessarily a pre-requisite of learning at the macro level. There is a temptation to use one as an analogy of the other, but this seems likely to be an over-simplification."
- "Connectivism is overly focused on learning as managing information... For learning in a purely theoretical context, that might be fine. But as a professional developer, I’m more concerned with developing capability than knowledge."
- "Connectivism does not adequately build on the theoretical constructs I have found useful... concepts such as reflective practice or higher levels of thinking inherent in models such as Bloom’s taxonomy." Today: Total:60 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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