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Death Threats, Harassment, Stalking, Google Plus and Identity
KaroliKaroli, Odd Time Signaturesodd time signatures, 2011/09/02

Google Plus is an identity service disguised as a social network. That's why the debate over tagging and real names on Google Plus is really important. And as Karoli writes, citing more incidents of online harassment, "We have a problem, not only with sick people who feel free to post whatever pops into their brain cell at any given time, but also with companies like Google, who absolutely insist on requiring a real first and last name on Google Plus.... This is what Google is doing. Setting up people, and women in particular, to be stalked, harassed, to have their families threatened and harassed, and to allow anyone with a smartphone and half a brain cell to track them down and make their lives miserable." Today: Total:119 [Comment] [Direct Link]

This is MY Bully Pulpit
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You can go look at the stuff for yourself. "I'm not going to rehash the whole thing here, when you can see it in action in any number of venues. Whether it's burning a freshman Representative in effigy, calling the President of the United States a racist, distorting facts, disrupting town hall meetings intended to work through concerns over the health care reform bills, or tossing a careless threat into a twitter stream (even if it is walked back later), the net result is the appearance of mob rule and thuggery. It's bullying. I'm not standing for it." We see the same sort of thing here, and you can see my short analysis in the comments. Today: Total:42 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Abstraction Distraction
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If you are trying to understand edupunk, this picture helps. "There is no real focal point; in fact, there's no real point to this picture at all, beyond just being a bit of a distraction, a pretty thing to look at, something where you might find your own pictures, images, memories, or criticisms." Today: Total:58 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Bloggers Who Write Paid Posts
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(Note: I have altered the title of this post because I don't care to post the metaphor in my own newsletter.) Karoli offers a slew of examples of mothers with kids or who are raising money for cancer who are making a little spare change off their writings. The reason? Apparently Google lowered the page rank of bloggers who write paid posts or have paid links on their blogs to zero. Me, I have no sympathy. The commercial bloggers link to each other to artificially boost their page rank. This counters that, and lets people like me have a voice too. Today: Total:48 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Anatomy of a Community Meltdown
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It reads like a horror story, but it's a pretty good object lesson in how an online community can be seriously disrupted. And it should be noted that, while it's tempting to say that disruptions should be handled 'with authority' there may be very little that can be done. In this case, one person was handled with as much authority as possible - by being banned from the site. Two years later (!) she comes back with her response, enlisting the aid of an ally moderator to (apparently) wipe out the site. What's the real lesson here? In my view, it's - you can't control people online. Oh yeah, and back up your data! Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Bill of Rights for the Social Web?
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Eight years ago I wrote and posted widely something called the Cyberspace Charter of Rights. Now along come people like Marc Canter and Robert Scoble promoting a shortened and Americanized Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web expressing basically the same principles. Canter's announcement. Scoble's announcement. Peter Cashmore's hot air alert. That's the way of the web - things are deemed Not To Exist until the Right People invent them (and which point they are credited as the inventors). I know I shouldn't be snippy about things like this, but sometimes it's exasperating. Today: Total:43 [Comment] [Direct Link]

One Identity, OpenID, and Social Network Fatigue
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Sat in on a nice e-portfolio presentation this morning (Kenneth Chapman and Matt Fisher). The product will do everything you want, as well as unplug the kitchen sink. But I feel like the author of this post: "Creating a new 'self' every time we join a social network is a pain! Todd calls for a 'portable profile' that includes a suggestion by Tony MacDonnell for a 'portable friends system'." Yes, you can import your LMS ID into an LMS e-portfolio. And maybe I can carry the portfolio out into the world with me. But can I use the same profile on MySpace, Facebook, and in my school LMS? See also Tony Hirst on the portability of identities in Facebook plug-ins. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Joomla or Drupal?
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When I was fighting with Drupal last fall a number of people suggested Joomla, another PHP content management system. I never did try it (I went back to my own system instead). But I would be remiss in not mentioning it here. Today: Total:126 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Twitter THIS!
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Twitter is a site that encourages you to blog every five minutes. I'm not sure whether I've mentioned it here before - I may have mentioned Kathy Sierra's twitter curve. No matter. Despite the hype it has gotten in the last few days, there's no there there. The best enhancement to Twitter I've seen is the auto-twitter - software that knows what you should be doing every five minutes or so, and blogs it for you. Now if we can just create the auto-Twitter-reader, the set will be complete and all will be as it should. Today: Total:50 [Comment] [Direct Link]

How to Make a Great Topic Boring
Karoli HayesKaroli Hayes, odd time signaturesodd time signatures,

"So my girl who has had her own laptop for a year and a half and can put together kick-butt presentations in no time at all, who has her own Flickr account and Blogger blog gets to [handwrite] an essay on the history of computers." Via WOW2 Newsletter. Today: Total:43 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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