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Every Presentation Ever
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff, 2012/01/13

Some fun for your Friday night - every way your presentation can be awful. Today: Total:59 [Comment] [Direct Link]

ALT Live Beta
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff, 2011/09/06

Here is more on the live online version of the ALT-C conference. "at ALT-C 2011 I am trying a new idea in order to capture, create and engage in that “silent” online time. Probably the best way to describe what ALT Live Beta is, is if you have ever watched Glastonbury or T4 on the Beach on the television, as well as the “front stage” stuff, they also have a room back stage where they chat, discuss and interview the people who have just been on stage. ALT Live Beta is a live internet video stream of the “back stage” of ALT-C 2011." Today: Total:59 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Using the VLE better - RSC SW Turbo TEL
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff, 2011/06/16

James Clay has been running a series on his blog, 100 ways to use a VLE. He's up to number 32. But as an outcome of this work he's produced a nice slide show with fifty of these tips. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The World Factbook 2010 – iPhone App of the Week
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff,

OK, so the entire CIA Factbook is already online, right? Free and open, no charge. So now there's an iPhone app. It costs about a dollar. So how is this value for money? James Clay says, "the information is 'available online for free' and that's the crunch, you have to be online to be able to access that free information, which means it isn't free!" Well, if I'm just using my regular connection, I using about one cent worth of my connectivity to access the information. Or I could just download the Factbook. Today: Total:66 [Comment] [Direct Link]

USB Microscope
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff,

Oh yes, I want a USB microscope. And a USB telescope, too. "You also have the possibility of a live preview, therefore showing what is happening live under the microscope through a data projector, even to an interactive whiteboard. Today: Total:76 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Are you stealing stuff?
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff,

The word "may" is the most pernicious word in this whole copyright debate. What "may" be infringing is orders of magnitude greater than what does infringe. If I whistle Dixie I may infringing. By holding people to the standard of "may" you are depriving them of a large body of legitimate actions.

If you don't know that an action is wrong, you are making things worse by telling people not to do it.

Instead of informing people about what they can't do, what "may" infringe, show them what they can. Highlight legitimate uses of online materials. Show podcasts and slide shows where the material has been used without complaint by the rights holders.

Leave the enforcement to the lawyers. It is way to easy and far too damaging to run around saying "beware!" "beware!". Adopt an attitude of enabling use, not of preventing use. Today: Total:55 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Classics – iPhone App of the Week
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff,

For goodness sake, if you want to read classics on your Apple, use Gutenberg and read all of them. Don't spend money for an 'app' that will give you access to only 23 of them! And if you write an e-learning blog, don't recommend such an app. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Can I just get your attention…
James ClayJames Clay, e-Learning Stuffe-Learning Stuff,

The BBC News reports that students have attention spans of just 10 minutes, which is manifestly false. "It's just that lectures only hold their attention for ten minutes," writes James Clay. "That is a very different thing. If students can spend four hours playing World of Warcraft, what does that say about attention spans?" QED. (There's no link to the original study, and we are told by the BBC only that it was conducted for "the technology firm Olympus" and it doesn't show up in a search). It's already being cited as a fact. If you ask me, someone at BBC should be fired for this. Today: Total:83 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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