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21st Century Education From New Learning Institute
Amit Garg The Upside Learning Solutions Blog 2010/09/03

I guess now that we're well into the 21st century (who would have thought?) it's time for people to wrestle over the definition of "21st century learning". We know that it won't be the same as 19th century learning. These videos leave us wondering how different it will be from 20th century learning. Today: Total:120 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Learning Technologies 2010 – Day 2 Recap
Amit Garg The Upside Learning Solutions Blog

Some good summary from Learning Technologies 2010, including some useful graphics. Day One, Day Two. From Josh Bersin we learn:
- The change gap is increasing
- 72% of large companies felt that their more effective training was informal
- Compared to USA the UK spends 29% more per learner but uses half as much eLearning.
- Deep Specialization is emerging as a key strategy. He used Intel's example to drive this point home.
We also get some video from Stephen Heppell. Today: Total:116 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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