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The Problem with TED Ed
Shelly Blake-PlockShelly Blake-Plock, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless, 2012/04/26

Good discussion on why TED-Ed (mentioned yesterday) may not be the right approach for schools (or education in general). "In life, we learn lessons by trial-and-error.... TED -- in the form it is presented online to the masses -- is not about doing. It is about watching. Listening. Consuming. Maybe leaving a comment or sharing a link to improve your TEDCred score." Definitely don't miss the discussion in the comments (which make the post worth linking to). For example, from Ira Socol: "TED ED, like all TED, is conservative structuring of technology to prevent change, built within a highly hierarchical structure designed to preserve the power structure. 'Just sit down and the Gates Foundation will tell you who to listen to.'"

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A Paperless Survival Guide to Managing the Occasional Tech Snafu
Shelly Blake-PlockShelly Blake-Plock, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless, 2010/09/09

I know tech breaks down, and most frequently breaks down when you're trying something new in front of an audience. But this is exactly why I try new things in front of an audience. I know that people live almost in fear of their tech breaking down - hence this "survival guide" helping teachers cope with the inevitable problems. But while the suggestions here are very useful - I've used almost all of them myself - the most important tip is missing: solve your problem openly. While you're working on the problem, describe what you're doing, how you planned for the problem, and how you're addressing it. Let students know your thinking process. Let them see you think! I've done this in front of full auditoriums - and had people come to me after to say that this was the most interesting part of the talk. Today: Total:50 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Happy Paperless Earth Day!
A Faire AlchemistA Faire Alchemist, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless,

Well, I didn't use paper for anything today. Happy paperless Earth Day! Of course, I don't use any paper most days. That's the difference between going paperless for Earth Day, and going paperless by Earth Day. But hey, one step at a time, hm? Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

An EducationPLN Twitter List for You!
A Faire AlchemistA Faire Alchemist, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless,

Someone had to be the one to start an education Twitter list (and it wasn't going to be me). If you're into that sort of thing, here's one for you. Let the jockeying for list position begin! Today: Total:27 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The Newsweek High School Rankings Sham
A Faire AlchemistA Faire Alchemist, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless,

The Washington Post is leaning on teachers. One wonders why. Could it have something to do with the sham school ratings and connections to test prep companies? Maybe? Yes. The politicization of learning, it seems to me, has very base economic motives. Here's some more on what would be a scandal if the press weren't so deeply involved. Today: Total:64 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Dell Must Hate Us
Shelly Blake-PlockShelly Blake-Plock, Teach PaperlessTeach Paperless,

One of the things i can't wrap my head around is the idea of a company having a "voice". Oh, I know, it's a common thing - and people actually expect certain things out of a company voice, which is why this post is such a negative response to the very informal nature of Dell's Twitter "voice". But how did this come to be? How did we even give inanimate objects, like companies, a very human attribute, a "voice" - and given that we did so, why do we presume, as we so obviously do, that such a voice has to be prim, proper, conservative, dull, boring, mawkish and patronizing? I am totally tired of there being only one sort of 'appropriate' form of corporate voice. Because if a corporation (as a concept) can only be one sort of thing, all the more reason to kill it. Today: Total:32 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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