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12 Principles for Responding to Negative Online Comments
Charlie Pownallcharlie pownall, Social Media TodaySocial Media Today, 2012/12/31

Here is a good set of principles for dealing with complaints and criticisms on your website. I would endorse them all, but I would also add a couple of points. In the point that states, "Proactively rebut statements that are demonstrably untrue or misleading and, above all, don’t run away from your page," I would add that you eventually have to cease responding, because there is a large number of people out there who absolutely must have the last word and will not stop until they have it. And second, I swiftly and silently delete posts that violate the rules - which in my case, means posts that are either spam messages or posts that are personal attacks.

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Study Explodes the Myth of Internet-Based Information Overload
Shel HoltzShel Holtz, Social Media TodaySocial Media Today, 2012/09/18

This study turns popular belief on its head - and accords with my own expewrience with information: “We found that the high volume of information available these days seems to make most people feel empowered and enthusiastic. People are able to get their news and information from a diverse set of sources and they seem to like having those options.”

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Does your org have a Facebook Page comment escalation flow-chart?
John HaydonJohn Haydon, Social Media TodaySocial Media Today, 2010/08/18

This is the sort of thing I imagine most experienced internet users know already, but I guess an organization needs a process and a flow chart. That said, the process and flow chart in turn becomes a pretty good teaching resource. So I guess it's all OK.

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