The day Twitter kicked CNN's behind & @ev bought me a whisky
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I think the benefits of direct media (such as Twitter) are more obvious when the constraints on traditional media are more visible. CNN could not (or would not) get authoritative on-the-ground coverage in Iran, and the advantages of direct media became clear. But note well, the same advantage exists in coverage here at home, it's just that the constraints are not so visible (but very real nonetheless). CNN's use of an 'unverified material' tag to identify Twitter and social network content was a howler; as Jon Stewart appropriately said, "CNN should actually consider using this tag more often (say, during reports from White House correspondents and whenever pundits are talking)." Today: Total:51 [Comment] [Direct Link]

DOG (Distrust/Disdain of Google) Moves In
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I commented last night that I thought Google's "Don't be evil" directive ended the day Google launched its IPO. I also noted that the people who used to work for DoubleClick now work for google, which doesn't auger well for Google. I have advised people against using Feedburner in the past, and not this user-tracking and banner advertising company is part of Google. I'd like to like Google, but I see Google's primary customers - advertisers - are beginning to run the show. It's a sad turn of events. Via George Siemens. Today: Total:36 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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