Blogging is the New Persuasive Essay
Shelley WrightShelley Wright, MindShiftMindShift, 2012/07/05

The thesis statement - stated in the title and defended in the post - makes sense on the face of it, but I wonder what's different about blogging and the persuasive essay. True, the format is certainly different: blogs have shorter paragraphs, they're written less formally (thank goodness), the ordering is different (though I think in a good blog as in any good writing the thesis ststement, if you have one, is at the top, front and centre), and yes, the voice is different. Also, blogs, unlike persuasive essays, typically have a readership to which you have to be accountable. But here's the kicker, to me: not all blog posts are persuasive essays. Sometimes they set the scene, define terms, flesh out detail, and a host of other non-persuasive tasks such that, once the reader hits a blog post intended to persuade, they have some sense of wherre the author is coming from. And a blog might not even have a point it is trying to make; not everything in the world is about persuading people. Blogging is more complex - far more complex - than the simple persuasive essay, because a blog is not a single blog post, it is a totality of blog posts, with a myriad of purposes, all blended together.

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Blowing Out the Digital Book as We Know It
Tina BarseghianTina Barseghian, MindShiftMindShift, 2011/12/05

Right now people are thinking of eBooks as though they were like books, only rendered digitally on thinks like iPads or Kindles. This is a short phase that won't last long. Books are about to be transformed. Tina Barseghian looks at what Inkling Books is doing as an example. "Inkling is working on blowing out the digital book as we know it. Though the company started by digitally rendering existing print textbooks only for the iPad — currently, there are about 100 book titles — it’s poised to become a major player in the publishing industry. But rather than creating content, the tech company will provide the platform that can transcend any device, whether that’s an iPad, a Kindle — or even a laptop." Ah - but Inkling has a lot of competition in the space. Look at the interactive 3D model of the human body and its systems launched by Primal Pictures. Today: Total:73
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Why Aren’t Students Using E-Books?
Audrey WattersAudrey Watters, MindShiftMindShift, 2011/11/08

Why aren’t students using E-Books? because they're too expensive, maybe? Because you can't share them? Because they don't exist for many textbooks? Audrey Watters writes, "it does highlight the ways in which students’ needs aren’t being met yet by digital content providers. That means there’s still a huge opportunity here to reshape what the textbooks of the future look like. Openly licensed content, for example, could address students’ concerns about sharing. Better social tools could help meet their needs for social reading and learning." Today: Total:97 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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