Twitter New Retweets Are Terrible Because
Randy ThorntonRandy Thornton, MetamediaMetaMedia,

I actually got a Twitter retweet today - it was the Twitter main account retweeting a Dave Winer post on how Twitter retweet is great. Well, I am so glad I subscribe to exactly one Twitter account, because the deluge is well and truly upon us. As Randy Thornton says, "violate the fundamental rule of the timeline that I only see who I follow - instead I now see strangers I do not follow whether I want to or not." Today: Total:40 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Brian Lamb's The Urgency of Open Education
Brian LambBrian Lamb, MetaMediaMetaMedia,

Brian Lamb's presentation is smooth, polished and informed. Culture, he says, is something that historically we have participated in by creating and not merely consuming. And we are returning to those days, where we can create content for ourselves that we used to pay for and merely consume. Indeed, for any content company, placing a barrier - such as price - between the content and readers is a fatal mistake. Culture is something that is ours - it's not simply the creation of the best, it's an act that is a part of being there (like the million people who have photographed Barack Obama). And when each person records his or her own presence, we can create something larger than life, something real. Knowing that you are making a significant contribution to public discourse is motivation to create and contribute. There's this and a lot more in this presentation. And I love the example of his time in Barcelona he gives near the end of his talk - I completely missed it when it happened, but it's a great story. And a great lesson. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why Use Online Forums in Teaching?
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Howard Rheingold responds to the question, "Why use forums in online teaching." Video. Today: Total:73 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The Adventures of Bollywood Blackboardwala
Randy ThorntonRandy Thornton, metamediaMetaMedia,

Too funny. Blackboard meets Bollywood. Note: you'll have to start the videos playing manually by clicking on the small 'play' arrow. Michael Feldstein (who must search for 'Blackboard' daily - or maybe he reads the Chronicle) "didn't see this one coming". Randy Thornton is not just a 'blogger', he's an information professional and college instructor. You can also find anti-Facebook humour on his site. Today: Total:120 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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