Facebook Charging $100 to Message Mark Zuckerberg
Chris TaylorChris Taylor, MashableMashable, 2013/01/11

My first thought was, if Facebook can charge $100 to unconnected people to send a message to mark Zuckerberg, how much could it charge unconnected people to send a message to me? A dollar? My second thought way, why should Facebook keep all that money? And this made me contemplate a new internet economy where advertisers pay intended targets, not the communications medium. Could the money people spend advertsing to me ever make it worth investing the time to becoem someone they would be willing to pay to advertise to?

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This Is How Lytro Takes 'Living Pictures'
Bob Al-GreeneBob Al-Greene, MashableMashable, 2012/12/27

The phrase 'living pictures' is nice marketing, but the development of light-field photography is genuinely revolutionary. The concept is actually fairly simple: where you would normally make selections when you take a photograph - you might focus on a specific object, for example - the light-field camera captures all the light available at the time, allowing you to make these selections after you've captured the image. Digital photographers make numerous selections when they take a picture - they select depth-of-field, white balance, focal point, and more. It's easy to mae a mistake (trust me). Light-field photography allows you to make the right choice later (somehow Future Shop obtained an exclusive license to sell them in Canada, and naturally they're sold out).

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Triumph of the Nerds: Nate Silver Wins in 50 States
Chris TaylorChris Taylor, MashableMashable, 2012/11/07

One of the more interesting side-stories to yesterday's U.S. presidential election (congratulations to Barack Obama, by the way) was watching Nate Silver's projections narrow in and ultimately predict perfectly the eventual outcome. Silver does not do any polling himself, but he analyzes the polls, corrects for built-in bias, and uses the data to create an overall projection. Though some wags are saying (with good reason) that "the numbers have a liberal bias" what we actually have here is a triumph of the meta-analysis over mere numbers - it's the relation and interplay between the different polls that creates the projection, not simply the raw data produced by counting people. And indeed, it shows how a naive reliance on the numbers produces a misleading reasult (such as the numerous pundits saying the race was "too close to call" while all along Silver predicted a fairly comfortable Electoral College victory for Obama).

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Bitcoin: How the Internet Created Its Own Currency
Christina WarrenChristina Warren, MashableMashable, 2012/11/06

The story of Bitcoin is an interesting one, even if (as I believe) the artificial currency is unlikely to live a long life. In one of Mashable's better articles, Bitcoin is described from both a technical and historical perspective. "Coins are generated using a process called mining. Think of mining as a lottery. Computers connected to the network (known as miners) aim to find the solution to a certain mathematical problem. If they successfully solve the problem, a new block is created. Until December 2012, the value of each block is 50 BTC (Bitcoins). Every four years, the value of solving a block is halved." Bitcoin is probably the greatest testament to the idea that an economy can be built to be structurally fair by design. That, utltimately, will also be why it fails: because it will be unfair, and there will be no way to fix that.

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Apple Stock Falls Below $600 For First Time Since July
Seth FiegermanSeth Fiegerman, MashableMashable, 2012/10/26

Exactly as I said it would be. Maybe it's early, but perhaps not too early, to say I said so. But hey, it's a chance to make a really neat diagram (and I'd better do it quick, in case events prove me wrong - but until they do, I'm standing by my prediction). Also spotted today: " Apple has published a notice on its UK website, stating that the court has ruled that Samsung did not copy the iPad while designing its Galaxy tablet."

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Playing Catch With Grover Is the Future of Video Gaming
Andrea SmithAndrea Smith, MashableMashable, 2012/09/18

Article and video about a new Sesame video game for children - this sort of interactive video game has been around for a while (I remember seeing it in 2006!) but with the release of systems like Microsoft Kinnect they have become a lot more interactive and intuitive. I like how they place the image of the child right into the video game.

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Samsung Finds the Silver Lining in Devastating Loss to Apple
Peter PachalPeter Pachal, MashableMashable, 2012/08/27

I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII smart phone, which I bought about 6 weeks ago. It is an absolutely fabulous product - it has 4G (which the iPhone didn't), it multitasks (which iPhone doesn't) and it gives me full access to the OS and files (which the iPhone, well, you know...). Maybe the Galaxy Tab copies the iPad, I don't know, but if the Galaxy Tab compares the the iPad the way the phones compare, then using one is probably like a breath of fresh air and freedom, which Apple does not want. I see Apple's lawsuit against Samsung not as a way to protect the hardware, but to solidify lock-in to its online stores and media properties. And it's yet another example of the trend we see of American companies suing foreign competitors in U.S. courts and winning questionable - and very large - verdicts. So, Apple wins $1.05 billion from Samsung - minus whatever my future business and goodwill are worth (maybe not a billion, admittedly). I was enthused when Apple began to use the open source Linux as the core of its operating system. Now I just think of the company as just another megalith that takes and takes and gives nothing back. More on the verdict from the CBCE-Commerce Times, Mashable (on Android), BBC (on "abuse of law") and BBC (on Google's reaction), Doug Peterson ("Blogging today on a Macintosh computer just wouldn’t feel right."), and Wired (on the Korean verdict in an earlier hearing). The irony of all this is that Samsung is one of Apple's biggest suppliers (it invested $4 billion into a chip plant for the iPad, for example) - that's why I think it's about access to the content market, and not the tech.

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Google+: A Year of Missed Opportunities
Todd WassermanTodd Wasserman, MashableMashable, 2012/06/28

When Google+ launched a year ago there was a virtual war between publishers like Mashable, TechDirt, TechCrunch and others to grab the lion's share of followers. So it's not surprising they lament the missed marketing opportunities in Google+: the delay in allowing aliases, news publishers and corporate accounts. But they problems run deeper. Compare with Twitter. Where is the equivalent of TwitPic or TweeetDeck or any of the other extensions? Or compare with Facebook. Where is the FarmVille of Google+? Or even Apple: where is the Angry Birds of Google+. None of these exist, because beyond some very limited exceptions, Google doesn't allow content out and it doesn't allow content in. Forget updating others' accounts: I can't even update my own account unless I'm sitting inside the clunky web interface.

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Facebook: We Should Have Been Clearer on the Email Switch
Zoe FoxZoe Fox, MashableMashable, 2012/06/27

Wow. Facebook says it could have been clearer. "The company upset many users Monday, by switching their default email addresses. Addresses most likely ending with or were switched to addresses." What Facebook could have done would be to not switch default addresses. It's a lesson companies fail to learn at their peril: users want to control their own personal information. Take away that autonomy, and you lose your customers. (And that said: Facebook has peaked, Apple has peaked, Google shows signs of weakening, and the market is primed for disruption right now. Just saying. If I had any stocks (hah!) I'd be selling them.

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Grockit Wants to Build a Pinterest for Learning
Sarah KesslerSarah Kessler, MashableMashable, 2012/05/24

... because without imitation, there might not be any technology industry at all. Hence: "the founders of social test prep startup Grockit want to re-configure online content such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia entries and ebooks into ordered lesson plans. Their new product, Learnist, works a bit like a Pinterest for learning. Soon anyone (the capability is still invite-only at launch) will be able to compile content pieces onto a board or 'learning.' A nifty bookmarklet makes it easy to collect content from other sites." Once again, for the record: supporting learning isn't simply a matter of posting a bunch of content to a bulletin board.

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Facebook Makes You Smarter, Thanks to Friends You Don’t Talk To
Joann PanJoann Pan, MashableMashable, 2012/01/18

This is the way it's supposed to work. "Information being shared on Facebook is highly diverse and coming to you mostly from people you rarely talk to, says the latest Facebook Data Team Study.... Facebook users are more likely to consume and share information from their close contacts (frequent interaction), but people also consume more novel content — about new products and current events — shared by weaker contacts (infrequent interaction) because of their 'abundance' on the network." Today: Total:45 [Comment] [Direct Link]

iPhone of the Future May Be Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Stan SchroederStan Schroeder, MashableMashable, 2011/12/26

We may have to wait a while for Apple fuel-celled phones, and we may even get them from someone other than Apple, as patent applications tend to be somewhat speculative, but designs are being submitted and so we have the potential for phones and computers that run for days rather than hours without recharging. Today: Total:55 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Carrier IQ Tracking Scandal Spirals Out of Control
Stan SchroederStan Schroeder, MashableMashable, 2011/12/01

I have commented in the past on the difference between computer-based platforms (Mac-PC-Linux) and mobile-based platforms (iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Android etc): in the former the hardware is in the user's control, but in the latter, the hardware is locked down and in the carrier's control. Some of the implications are obvious: in the former, you need separate identity and billing, while in the latter, it's built-in and secure. But when your device is locked-down it is much more susceptible to control and manipulation. Witness this latest scandal concerning something called Carrier IQ. According to reports, almost every mobile device uses it to track every keystroke and to send reports back to a central office. The tool was originally designed to monitor quality of service, but its surveillance potential is too significant to ignore. And then researcher Trevor Eckhart "posted video evidence (below) suggesting that Carrier IQ is recording keystrokes and reading incoming SMS messages on Android, more precisely on an HTC EVO 3D. Worse, the app cannot be stopped or removed by the user." What is being sent? Who has access to it? Who knows? See also The Verge, 9to5Google, chpwn blog, Daring Fireball, Cult of Mac,, Wired, LifeHacker, Connecting the Dots, Metafilter, TechDirt. Today: Total:55 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Researchers Build Terminator Contact Lens
Lance UlanoffLance Ulanoff, MashableMashable, 2011/11/23

I'm not thrilled by the idea of naming a technology after a movie (a la 'Minority Report effects' - I'm never watched the movie, and I'm not going to, it's a Tom Cruise movie, hasn't anyone noticed this? So I don't know what 'Minority Report effect' means, exactly, beyond what I infer from descriptions). Anyhow. This post describes the idea of a heads-up display viewed directly in the eye (an idea thought of well before the Terminator movies). " For now, the lens displays only a single, well-focused pixel and the wireless power is only enough to give the appearance of constant illumination, but this is the first step toward, as researchers describe it, building lenses that 'may receive data from external platforms (e.g. mobile phones) and provide real-time notification of important events.'" Maybe when I get an artificial lens I can get a lens HUD implant. Today: Total:54 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Take the Interview Enhances Job Candidate Screening With Video
Sarah KesslerSarah Kessler, MashableMashable, 2011/11/08

This is an excellent idea: "Take the Interview is a job interview service that adds a video component to job candidate screening... giving employers important information about how candidates present themselves earlier in the interview process." Basically, the service records job candidates giving video answers to standard interview questions. HR staff can review these videos as part of the pre-screening process. What would be an even better idea? An educational service that had candidates practice using video, providing pressive feedback about how to improve their performance. Today: Total:51 [Comment] [Direct Link]

How 5 Tech Giants Are Giving Back to Education
Melissa Jun RowleyMelissa Jun Rowley, MashableMashable, 2011/11/04

I think the phrase "giving back" might be a bit too generous a way to describe these companies' involvement in education, as not everything they do is done with charitable intent. Nonetheless it is worth reviewing the sort of involvement the large companies have had in education - from Microsoft's shape the future initiative to Intel's 10 million teachers to Time Warner's Connect a million minds. Conspicuously absent from Mashable's list is Apple in Education. After looking at the videos I want to comment that education is not - and should not be thought of as - a charity. The moment you think of an education as something you 'give' to someone else, you've broken education. Today: Total:71 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need To Know
Chris TaylorChris Taylor, MashableMashable, 2011/09/23

Everything you need to know about the new Facebook:
- You’re going to get a Timeline — a scrapbook of your life.
- You don’t have to just Like something — now you can [verb] any [noun].
- Facebook apps need only ask permission once to share stories on your behalf.
- All “lightweight” information is going to the Ticker.
- You can watch TV and movies, listen to music, and read news with your friends — all within Facebook.
- Facebook has more users and more engagement than ever.
It's not that Facebook is trying to kill privacy - it's that it's trying to privatize it. I really really don't like the idea of web content being only available in Facebook (see below) and I don't like the idea of my lifestream being poured into Facebook. I'm getting close to shutting it down. See also Audrey Watters, who writes, "I think it’s clear that Facebook will be a force to be reckoned with in the future of student’s online learning efforts, whether we decide to let it into the schools or not." Today: Total:39 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Jawbone’s Next Frontier: Improving Your Health
Adam OstrowAdam Ostrow, MashableMashable, 2011/07/15

Our electronic devices are getting closer and closer to our persons. Walking in an invisible soup of data, our devices will keep constant track of where we are and how we're doing - not to spy on us, but to help us (at least, if we get the right sort of government). Take Jawbone's latest: a bracelet that monitors your medical status. "The UP bracelet will automatically track your sleep patterns, movements and nutrition and provide that data to an app that in turn monitors and makes recommendations for improving your health." The first version needs to be attached to a mobile phone for data upload, but later versions will manage on their own (maybe, say, just using ambient WiFi to upload the encrypted data). The focus of this article is on health, but what the UP bracelet produces is feedback, which we know plays a key role not only in health but even more so in education. Today: Total:38 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Takeout Lets You Liberate Your Data From Google
Stan SchroederStan Schroeder, MashableMashable, 2011/06/29

As Stan Schroeder writes, "this is just another Google service, which you log in with your Gmail username and password. It lets you easily take your data out of several Google products." Which is a good idea, of course. But the more it is automated, the better. Today: Total:102 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why Augmented Reality Is Poised To Change Marketing
Sam EwenSam Ewen, MashableMashable, 2011/06/09

Again, if you think you've got a handle on the technology, you are running behind the times. Augmented reality is on the verge of making a big splash. "What many startups, hackers, corporations and tech artists are creating ... is also a teaser for what media and communication experiences will look like in the near future." This article looks at augmented reality, projection mapping and Kinect hacking. And these will definitely impact learning. As Aaron Silvers says, augmented learning is everywhere learning. "The ability to add virtual elements and layers onto your physical surroundings provides opportunities and new challenges to how we think about simulations and learning activities and how we design them for mLearning." See also (related): When everything is smart. Today: Total:63 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Twitter Unveils Photo & Video Sharing
Chris TaylorChris Taylor, MashableMashable, 2011/06/03

So it's official, Twitter is launching a photo and video sharing service. ""A native photosharing experience will be rolled out to 100% of users over the next couple of weeks," Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told the D9 Conference. The service means that photos and videos will be directly connected to tweets. They will be viewable on without having to leave the site." Meh. Just leave Flickr alone. Today: Total:39 [Comment] [Direct Link]

13 Alternative Ways to Consume Your News
Jennifer Van GroveJennifer van Grove, MashableMashable, 2011/05/23

If you want to look at the ways learning will be provided in the future, look at the ways the news can be found today. This article from Mashable summarizes 13 ways of vieing the bews, from Flipboard to Zite to Flud. Most of these do two things really well: they aggregate news from sources of interest to you, and they display the result in an engaging and useful format. Today: Total:60 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Improv Everywhere Interrupts Conference To Sing About Social Sharing
Brenna EhrlichBrenna Ehrlich, MashableMashable, 2011/05/09

Improve Everywhere disrupts the GEL Conference in New York to sing about one's urgent need to share via social media. Fun. Video. Today: Total:84 [Comment] [Direct Link]

YouTube Founders Acquire Delicious From Yahoo
Adam OstrowAdam Ostrow, MashableMashable, 2011/04/27

Interesting. From Mashable: "The future of social bookmarking tool Delicious is no longer in doubt. Yahoo has sold the site to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, where it will become part of a new company the pair has created called AVOS. According to an FAQ about the deal, Delicious makes it clear that user data will be preserved and that the new team will 'add new features and grow the service overall.'"

More acquisitions: VMWare has for some reason acquired SlideRocket. Also, Desire2Learn has acquired Captual. Pearson has acquired Schoolnet. And speculation continues about potential purchasers of Blackboard. Today: Total:138 [Comment] [Direct Link]

RIP Google Video: Download Your Videos by May 13 or They're Gone Forever
Charlie WhiteCharlie White, MashableMashable, 2011/04/18

So I'm pretty annoyed with Google right now as it took me about four hours to migrate 29 videos from the Google Video service over to my account at It remains a mystery to my why Google was unable to migrate its videos from one of its own services - Google Video - to another - YouTube. And also why the only download Google could provide was of a low-quality .flv copy of the video. So I turned my back on both services and sent everything to, which has been very good to me over the years. Today: Total:47 [Comment] [Direct Link]

FitFu Turns Your iPhone Into an Exercise Motivation Tool
Ben ParrBen Parr, MashableMashable, 2011/03/23

A fitness iPhone app may seem a bit chintzy, but it's worth taking a few seconds to ponder where this is headed. The application allows you to set up a fitness schedule and goals, then calls you to remind you when to do some exercising. It uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer to count your reps out loud and cheer you on when you meet your goals. Yes, it all sounds corny. But it's also a nice blend of input and feedback. How long before apps are included in devices you want to work with, like guitars, golf clubs and fishing rods? We are much closer to ubiquitous learning than you may think. Today: Total:86 [Comment] [Direct Link]

President Obama Fights Bullying on Facebook
Zachary SnidermanZachary Sniderman, MashableMashable, 2011/03/09

Barack Obama has launched an anti-bullying initiative on Facebook. The website supporting it is I've uploaded the video to because you shouldn't have to sign into Facebook to hear Obama speak on this issue. Today: Total:74 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Drund Gives Devs & Users All-in-One Tool for Connected Devices
Jolie O'DellJolie O'Dell, MashableMashable, 2011/03/01

Drund is one of the first of a new wave of application development environments, based on a web operating system, and though that, enabling a single cross-platform devlopment environment for applications. Running on Windows and Mac as well as mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, Drund connects to online services using OAuth and uses online file support (and of course connects to services such as Box and DropBox). More benefits and developers info. Today: Total:54 [Comment] [Direct Link]

HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business
Jonathan GoldfordJonathan Goldford, MashableMashable, 2011/02/04

I've been pulling back from Facebook a bit recently - I was not impressed by the way the site began auto-building profiles for me and adding information on the fly. Maybe it means I won't be able to promote myself effectively. I'll live with that. But if you can't, then this advice on how to build your company Facebook page will be useful. Today: Total:79 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Is Holding a Global, Web-Based Science Fair
Jolie O'DellJolie O'Dell, MashableMashable, 2011/01/11

What's really nice about Google's science fair, which it announces today, is that it is open to students aged 13 to 18 from around the world working on their own or in a team of two or three. What's interesting about it is how an event like this can drive curriculum toward a more open-ended experimentally based type of learning. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The Case for the Virtual Classroom
Sarah KesslerSarah Kessler, MashableMashable, 2011/01/03

Mashable makes the case for the virtual classroom. It's nothing we haven't seen in these pages, and it's still stuck in old-world thinking about online learning ('classroom'?) but it's still remarkable to see such a plug in a mainstream online publication. We get a plug for 2tor, the argument that "students who studied in online learning environments performed modestly better than peers who were receiving face-to-face instruction," a plug for University of the People, a video from Bill Gates, a plug for the Khan Academy, and a nod to blended learning and Berkeley webcasts. Today: Total:71 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Explores the Human Body With HTML5
Christina WarrenChristina Warren, MashableMashable, 2010/12/16

Google has created a nifty HTML5 demonstration which lets you view the human body as though it were a 3D Google map. The display allows you to focus on bones, muscles, blood vessels and internal organs. The only body I could find was female, and her outer layer is very demurely covered with sportswear (though this outer layer may be more or less transparent, giving you the feel of being an airport security agent). I personally find it a bit off that the skin must be covered with clothing, but that the layer immediately under the skin may be displayed with no constraint whatsoever. But then again, I seem to be about the only person complaining about what they allow on those forensic-evidence crime dramas (I mean, really? a fully charred set of semi-skeletal remains? We need to see that?). If you have a beta version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome the demonstration should work fine. It's not that detailed, and the zoom just makes things bigger, not more detailed. Still, the display will prove to be endlessly fascinating to middle-school students across the nation. Today: Total:75 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why Your Smartphone Will Replace Your Wallet
Sarah KesslerSarah Kessler, MashableMashable, 2010/12/16

OK, this isn't going to happen next year - I remember using ATMs in the 80s long before they became ubiquitous. And the cost of owning a smartphone will have to come down to a level anyone can afford - but it will (in fact, they'll be giving them away). That said, your smartphone (or whatever it's called in 2025) will be your wallet, your set of keys, your identification papers, your communicator and internet browser, compass and map, and much more. It won't be everything (contra some enthusiasts) - you will use your pad for larger-screen tasks, like drawing, editing and reading, and your wad for space-sharing, watching video or sporting events and for gaming. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The World's Facebook Relationships Visualized
Ben ParrBen Parr, MashableMashable, 2010/12/14

This is a pretty impressive image of the world according to Facebook. The author, a Facebook intern, plotted connections between cities, giving them different weights based on the number of Facebook connections, then colour-coded the lines according to weight. Click on the image for the full-sized version. Today: Total:56 [Comment] [Direct Link]

How Online Classrooms Are Helping Haiti Rebuild Its Education System
Sarah KesslerSarah Kessler, MashableMashable, 2010/11/26

This is one of those articles where the University of the People 'plans to do this' and 'intends to do that' (though to be fair it has opened an access centre with 16 students). The very real problem in Haiti is the destruction of school buildings and the deaths of teachers. It is for students the problem of being able to stay alive between classes. And yes, internet could help, but with a per capita income of $790, a access cost of $60 per month ($720 per year) is prohibitive. Yes, online learning would help Haiti, and would be a gazillion times less expensive than rebuilding schools and hiring teachers. But making Haiti a net importer of its own education will not help its economy and will not serve development in the long run. Today: Total:44 [Comment] [Direct Link]

With a 50 Friends Limit, Path Is the Opposite of Twitter
Ben ParrBen Parr, MashableMashable, 2010/11/15

If you could follow only 50 people, who would you follow? That's the question you face with Path, a Twitter-like photo sharing application that limits your contacts to 50 people. "Because your personal network is limited to your 50 closest friends and family, you can always trust that you can post any moment, no matter how personal," the company said in its announcement blog post. "Path is a place where you can be yourself." Note that Path will insist that you provide a phone number when you register, and that you cannot input data via the web - only through your iPhone. Today: Total:42 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Facebook Alternative Diaspora Launches September 15
Ben ParrBen Parr, MashableMashable, 2010/08/30

The people at Diaspora have released their first update in a while, announcing a release of their alternative to Facebook September 15. "What will Diaspora look like? According to the team, it's focusing on 'on building clear, contextual sharing.' One of the open source social network's features will be making it easy and intuitive for users to decide what content gets added and shared to their social circles." Yes, I was one of the many people who donated to the Diaspora project. Today: Total:43 [Comment] [Direct Link]

What You Need To Know About Data Portability
Elias BizannesElias Bizannes, MashableMashable, 2010/08/13

Data portability is important, and increasingly so, and will soon be something everyone needs. This article sketches the basics. "Examples of data portability include:
- Being able to import all your social network connections, media and other data to another service with the click of a button.
- The ability to reuse your health records when visiting different doctors and jurisdictions.
- Not having to re-enter your credit card information when a service you use changes payment gateways." Today: Total:75 [Comment] [Direct Link]

5 Energy Efficient Office Gadgets
Stephanie MarcusStephanie Marcus, MashableMashable, 2010/08/03

I think the concept of 'energy efficient gadget' is an oxymoron (because the mere existence of the gadget is not efficient) but I want to highlight one interesting thing here: water powered calculators. Here's more on this. Of course, it's not the water that powers the battery, it's the carbon and aluminum anode and cathode (here's how to build one). What's significant is not the batteries - they've been around forever - but rather electronics that will now run on the very low power outputs of water batteries. I also like the solar power gadget charger - but remember, if this were truly energy efficient, we'd simply use solar cells. But they take a lot of cost and energy to make - at more than $200 per 10 watts they are useful only as camping gear (consider - it would cost $2000 to power your 100 watt stereo, $30,000 to power your 2,500 watt hair dryer). Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

6 Crucial Social Media Tips for Traditional Media
Erica SwallowErica Swallow, MashableMashable, 2010/07/19

The funny thing about these social media tips for media is that they are exactly what they want to do. Well, except for maybe the self-promotion. And the tracking (which audiences don't want). Still, it's an interesting list:
- Share content
- Curate conversations
- Engage audiences
- Promote your presence
- Customize the experience
- Track everything
Today: Total:58 [Comment] [Direct Link]

10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers
Grace SmithGrace Smith, MashableMashable,

Designing something? These free wireframing tools might help. I'm noting this here for my own future reference. Today: Total:61 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Remotely Flips the Kill Switch on Questionable Android App
Stan SchroederStan Schroeder, MashableMashable,

It's one thing when you run anti-malware software top clean your computer, and quite another when it is run remotely, without your knowledge or explicit consent. But that's the difference between the computer market, where people own their own machines, and the mobile phone market, where manufacturers can and will delete applications they don't like. Google is the latest to flex its manufacturer's muscles, removing two applications from users' Android phones. Today: Total:66 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Yahoo's Social Media Science Experiments
Christina WarrenChristina Warren, MashableMashable,

George Siemens links to a Duncan J. Watts video I'll have to watch over the weekend. "In this video, Watts shows examples of some of the social science experiments that Yahoo has undertaken over the last decade. The presentation is a really interesting look at much of the actual research, development and science that goes into monitoring social networks, with the goal of having a better understanding about how these systems work so that those tools and networks can be improved." Today: Total:54 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Facebook Exodus Planned for May 31: Will You Quit?
Jennifer Van GroveJennifer van Grove, MashableMashable,

A delete-your-Facebook campaign slated for May 31 is unfolding. I've toyed with quitting Facebook, but that's all. I use it mostly to repost tweets from Twitter, and since Twitter doesn't actually support conversation, to accept replies and talk about my tweets. I'm less concerned than others about Facebook's lack of privacy because I know that my privacy has been systematically and massively violated for years with government consent and compliance - read about Equifax, for example. (It's a bit like net neutrality, which I've been completely rethinking since learning about Akamai - it's not that it's not a good idea, it's that it's already been so hopelessly compromised that it might not be reparable). Today: Total:74 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Facebook's Open Graph Personalizes the Web
Samuel AxonSamuel Axon, MashableMashable,

Facebook is dropping Connect and implementing an open graph. This is very good news, because it means the rest of the web can play. The specification looks very simple to implement and can be implemented in simple web pages. Morew from Monkey Bites. Today: Total:72 [Comment] [Direct Link]

15 Insanely Popular Lady Gaga YouTube Videos
Samuel AxonSamuel Axon, MashableMashable,

OK, your students have seen all these videos - I know this because Lady Gaga videos have been viewed a billion times online. She is the first artist to reach this mark. So take an hour or so and watch these fifteen videos. Better yet, take the rest of the evening and explore the full Gaga canon that has formed online. There's a lot going on in them, so keep an open mind. They're probably not safe for work. Gaga is a genuine internet phenomenon, and a large part of her huge popularity is the widespread availability of her songs and videos free online. Today: Total:99 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google: Desktops Will Be Irrelevant in Three Years' Time
Stan SchroederStan Schroeder, MashableMashable,

Big pads of paper will become irrelevant; in 3 years, all writing will be done on Post-It notes. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? So does this claim that desktops will be irrelevant in three years. Sometimes, you want a big screen, whether to play your favourite baseball game, do some photo editing or drafting, or simply to read many things at once. There's a lot of push toward the smaller, more mobile platform, and while I don't doubt for a minute how useful mobile computing is, I am also aware that a lot of the messaging is a marketing pitch, designed to get us off our (dangerously open) computers and onto proprietary (and closed) phone platforms. Today: Total:85 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Goggles to Translate Text in Photos
Jennifer van GroveJennifer van Grove, MashableMashable,

Eyeglasses (or goggles) that would translate printed text? That's the kind of future I want to see! Today: Total:78 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Yahoo Further Bridges the Gap Between Internet and TV
Christina WarrenChristina Warren, MashableMashable,

Want to build your own online TV channel? The Yahoo TV Widget Developer Kit is for you then. "TV Widgets are already available for services like Amazon Video On Demand, Pandora and CBS, plus social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Yahoo is also announcing recently signed partnerships with a ton of big-name content providers." Today: Total:66 [Comment] [Direct Link]

10 News Media Content Trends to Watch in 2010
Vadim LavrusikVadim Lavrusik, MashableMashable,

If I were to want to monetize news content, I would charge for breaking news, not archives. If you've invested in a news organization, what you can do that nobody else can do is cover a story as it breaks. That, it seems to me, is the premium news organizations can make money from. Much the way stock quote services offer free listings only on a delayed basis. Everything you post - and allow free access to - after it's (say) a half hour old is advertising for the premium service. I don't know why news media haven't monetized in this way - it would be minimally disruptive, would be very reader-friendly, and would allow them to earn revenues from those willing to pay for the premium service. (This idea occurs to me after reading dozens and dozens of these 'top story' and 'predictions' lists, none of which even hint at the breaking-news premium model. Remember - you heard it here first (it will actually be "invented" by an A-lister somewhere in the U.S. in mid-2010). Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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