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Don't Boycott Amazon's Over-$9.99 Kindle E-Books!
Claude Almansi Innovate Blog

Claude Almansi writes, "Don't boycott Amazon's over-$9.99 Kindle e-books. Boycott Amazon's Kindle e-book reader." I disagree. If Amazon is luring people into its closed market with low prices, then raising them when people are hooked, as one writer suggests, then boycott Amazon. Hit them where it hurts! Today: Total:20 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Access: The New Imperialism?
Lynn Zimmerman Innovate Blog

Lynn Zimmerman writes "you can send all the computers to Africa you want, but if there are no electricity and no phone lines to connect to, they become expensive paper weights" and asks "why are outsiders making these types of decisions anyway? Would it not be better to find out what the people really want and need, rather than telling them what they want and need?" My response is that, while my experience with less industrialized worlds is limited, from what I have seen people there seize upon and use new technologies at every opportunity. Today: Total:42 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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