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TeensTALK LIVE! The Must Watch Event of the Year
Seth OdellSeth Odell, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2012/07/16

I'm totally in favour of having students present at conferences. So we have this: "Want to know what teens think about your website, direct mail campaigns, being contacted by recruiters on Facebook, QR codes, campus visits, and just about anything else you can imagine? Swallow your pride, sit back and get ready for the most honest – and valuable – feedback you’ll hear in a long, long time." I've only one qualm. I used to see a lot of these when I was a teen - but never in a million years would they put me on one of those panels, because I was not one of the students teachers wanted to hear from. Same thing here, I think, as we have a panel of "college-bound teen" - nobody speaking from the outside, just the insiders here. (That doesn't mean it's bad and that you shouldn't watch it.)

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Massive Open Online Classes and the Future of EDU
Seth OdellSeth Odell, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2012/04/19

This looks like a good one; I can't wait to view it when I have the bandwidth. "HackEducation's Audrey Watters and Philipp Schmidt, co-founder of P2PU join us to discuss the ever emerging role of massive open online classes in education. Hyped by many as the torch for democratizing education, we delve into the reality of how MOOCs really work, including varying delivery models, as well as clarifying who their primary users are today." Today: Total:97 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The State of #EdTech in 2012
Seth OdellSeth Odell, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2012/01/13

From Higher Ed Live by Seth Odell: Hack Education's Audrey Watters joins the program to break down what’s in store for education technology in 2012. Covering everything from e-books to badges and gamification, Watters spills on what’s to come, as well as why we need to better evaluate the very criteria we use to evaluate #edtech success." Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Live Streaming 101
Seth OdellSeth Odell, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2011/12/02

As more and more people get interested in live streaming advice like this becomes more and more valuable. Seth Odell writes, "In this episode of Higher Ed Live we break down everything you need to know to live stream an event online. From which platform to which camera, we’ll give you all the inside tips and tricks to get the job done, and get it done right. Curious about whether you should use Ustream vs Livestream? Wondering how to stream with a non-firewire camera? Interested in streaming a 2-camera event from a single laptop? All that and a whole lot more is broken down in this info-packed episode." It's a good hour packed with valuable information. Today: Total:82 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why are we giving up on Software for Education?
Michael StatonMichael Staton, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2011/08/25

Interesting rant. "I will make a direct attack: because Higher Ed Journalists (yes, even at Inside Higher Ed and especially at the Chronicle of Higher Education) refuse to cover vendors with same love and adoration they have for consumer products, software companies that could be built to solve real and deep problems in education will never get their fair shot at becoming a real company." Well, if you're depending on these two agencies to promote your company, you're in trouble. And on the other hand - I've seen probably hundreds of educational software products over the years, and I would be willing to recommend only a handful - so many of them are little more than digital reworkings of traditional academic products. Or are commercial versions of products that should really be open content or open source software. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why I was Wrong about QR Codes
Seth OdellSeth Odell, Higher Ed LiveHigher Ed Live, 2011/07/06

Well unlike this author I am not ready yet to say I was wrong about QR codes, but I like the argument presented here and should pass it along. Two examples are given: first, a case where a QR code is used to easily scan a person's contact info from a business card into a mobile device. Second, a case where QR codes are used to order food from a virtual store while waiting for a train. Also, here's a post from Library Girl on more educational uses of QR codes. Today: Total:50 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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