Ten meta-trends impacting learning
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, HeyJudeheyjude, 2012/02/06

It's easy to describe ten 'megatrends' in such a way that most people would nod in agreement, I think, but it's hard to get them precisely right. To take example that is a bugbear of mine, consider this one: "The world of work is increasingly global and increasingly collaborative." This isn't quite right. The world isn't "increasingly collaborative" - if anything, it's less so. But what collaboration there is has gone global. But that means that in your day-to-day world you will experience less collaboration with those around you - how do you get by, then? Perhaps by dog-eat-dog competition for local resources, but more likely by cooperation - pooling (for example) purchasing or production power, but not for the same ends, but for distinct ends. And indeed, if we look at it that way, and recognize that when "teams (are) geographically diverse (and) are also culturally diverse" what we understand by collaboration changes. If you think your work group has simply gone global, as this 'megatrend' suggests, you've misinterpreted this trend in a major way. Today: Total:48 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Did you know about DSPACE and PANDORA?
Judy O’ConnellJudy O’Connell, HeyJudeheyjude, 2011/09/27

This is a quick post that updates readers on the DSpace and Pandora initiatives. The former is a type of open source repository software institutions can use to manage their digital resources. The latter is an Australian implementation, "Australia’s Web Archive, which is a growing collection of Australian online publications, established initially by the National Library of Australia in 1996, and now built in collaboration with nine other Australian libraries and cultural collecting organisations. The name, PANDORA, is an acronym that encapsulates our mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia." Today: Total:37 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Social content curation – a shift from the traditional
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, Heyjudeheyjude, 2011/08/25

One way to talk about the use of social content in learning is to talk of content 'curation'. I'm not really big on the idea, because it treats content as artifacts to be appraised, preserved, or accessed. I prefer to think of them as things you use, mix and transform. That said, Judy O'Connell provides us with a detailed look at social content curation, providing several 'levels' of curation activities. She writes, "Social content curation is about collecting, organising and sharing information – in a new package... I’m interested to see how (what I call) the third level curation evolves. I like the idea of socially connected ways of publishing ‘what’s new’ and ‘what’s newsworthy’ as an ‘aside’ to my ‘go-to’ information repository such as my social bookmarks." Today: Total:61 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Essential tools: Using Easy Bib
Judy O’ConnellJudy O’Connell, HeyJudeheyjude, 2011/06/14

I had a quick run through easyBib this morning and have favorable things to say. It does a lot of what I wanted gRSShopper to do, using forms to make submissions of bibliographical entries a lot easier, but goes well beyond that, looking up what's needed from various sources on the web. After all (the thinking must go) if the data exists in a database somewhere out there on the web, why should anyone type it in again? Of course, on the other hand, the data out there on the web should be good the data properly entered - this means citing On Liberty as being authored by John Stuart Mill, and not Mill plus a bunch of co-authors. Also, I didn't appreciate being blasted with an audio ad while I was trying to record something. So - great design, poor execution. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google proof your image attributions
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, heyjudeheyjude, 2010/12/10

I admit to having mixed feelings about this item. On the one hand, I agree that we should provide attribution for images. On the other hand, I think that the pollution of text with (c) and (tm) marks represents the degeneration of society and the collapse of discourse. So I think I'll continue as I have in the past: attribution by linking, but by no means filling up my work with copyright symbols. Because my writing is not to be subject commodification, colonization and settlement by commercial interests. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

ePUB an iRevolution?
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, heyjudeheyjude,

I don't know whether ePub is a revolution, but it is something new and it is increasingly important. ePub is the format used to publish eBooks, and is used by Apple's iBooks, Barnes & Noble's Nook, the Sony Reader, iRex's Digital Reader, and iRiver's Story, among others. Wikipedia has an article on ePub here. If you want to read ePub documents in your browser, you can use a Firefox extension. What makes ePub distinct from other content formats is that it creates a flow of content that can exist over several pages, and which displays more or less text per page depending on page size and text viewing area. Other than that, there's a packaging format, which defines things like table of contents and (optionally) digital rights management. If you want to create your own ePub documents, you can use the free and open source Sigil document authoring tool. Today: Total:64 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Second Classroom explores ReactionGrid
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, heyjudeheyjude,

"ReactionGrid is a virtual 3D environment, that uses the OpenSimulator platform. Think SecondLife, but think less traffic, more focussed on education and learning for business and education – and in a PG environment." Today: Total:45 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Higher Ed: Next Bloated Industry to Go?
David MillerDavid Miller, heyjudeheyjude,

This is a generally good white paper looking at the impact of social networking on business organization. It's important to keep in mind that by 'social networking' we must mean more than just your Facebook connections - todays social networks include the full range of contacts you make world wide using any technology. Good diagrams illustrating the new organizational structure on page 5. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Yahoo for Teachers
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, heyjudeheyjude,

Well here we go again. "Something new to try out! Will this be one to watch? Like a Web 2.0 content management system - for your school, between schools, between you colleagues, and just sharing. Will this solve some problems for schools, or just create new ones? Check the Yahoo Teachers info page and register for your own beta invitation." Today: Total:67 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Facebook - Friend or Foe?
Judy O'ConnellJudy O'Connell, heyjudeheyjude,

I thought Facebook was pretty good, in a limited proprietary application sort of way. Then it introduced widgets and third-party applications, and I find myself constantly being asked to joing this application of that application. Meanwhile, Judy O'Connell writes, expressing the angst of the social software user, "I'm not yet sold on Facebook - but on the other hand I am pretty tired of skipping from one NIng network to another - and overwhelmed by the fact that I could actually be writing what amounts to a blog on each of my networks. Chills the spine." She adds, We're told that a major development in the history of widgets occurred just this week; the W3C published a draft of the first widget specification. What kind of road will this take us down? Today: Total:43 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Digital Identity Mapping
Judy O'Connell heyjudeheyjude,

Nice diagram dividing Web 2.0 enterprises into a set of useful categories. Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The Rhetoric of Change
Judy O'Connell heyjudeheyjude,

Judy O'Connell is summarizing the talks from the Global Summit, with a good outlin of SeymourPapert talk. She also looks at George Siemens's talk at Leigh Blackall's. Of the latter she says, "though the politics of life will often mean that opinions expressed this way will be be counter-productive." Well, I look at Seymour Papert, and I look at myself, and I look at Leigh Blackall, and it seems to me we have three generations of people saying the same thing, and still the news comes, as O'Connell notes, a "surprise" to those attending. So in my books, while I'm not sure I'd let him book hotels for me again, I think Blackall can be as vehement as he wants - I certinly don't see that diplomatic language is working, and somebody needs to shake things up. Today: Total:54 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google courting teachers with new tech resource
Judy O'Connell heyjudeheyjude,

This itm pulls me back and forth and I'm not sure what the author thinks, but I include it here in any case because of the ferocity of the reaction. She writes, "Google the world, use wikipedia, and scrap the school library for a virtual information locker! Nuts!" Well maybe the libraries are being destroyed, but there's a different sort of ethic at work here - we must be the first librry burners in history to scan all the contents first and make them available to everyone in the world, (hopefully) without charge. It's a revolution, sure, but is it a destructive one, as this post implies? Today: Total:40 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Offerings
Judy O'Connell heyjudeheyjude,

This has been covered all over the place. "Google this week will launch Google Apps for Your Domain, a software bundle aimed at small and midsize companies." In the process it has completely messed up my login for Blogger. Nerts! Today: Total:47 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Teacher as Learner in Web 2.0
Judy O'Connell heyjudeheyjude,

"You can add a bit on about Web 2.0 if you like, but do not make it the main thrust of your paper. You must demonstrate that you understand our philosophy." I guess we must be on to something if education doctoral programs are advising that students should not focus on Web 2.0. Be sure to read the comments. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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