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ClassDojo - free classroom behavior system - announces iOS apps.
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/09/10

This PR campaign has spread through the edublogosphere: "ClassDojo is a free online system that helps teachers promote positive behavior in their classroom by letting them track and share student progress and positive behaviors and areas of concern. It's easy to use and many teachers who use it have seen positive outcomes from using it with their students." I took a quick look. Basically it keeps track of points, where teachers award points for good behaviours, and deduct points for bad behaviours. To me it seems to be trivializing th3ese behaviours by turning them into some sort of race (and if I were in the class I would be trying to race to the lowest possible score).

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Google Doodle Honors Bob Moog - inventor of Moog Synthesizer
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/05/24

I've been playing off and on (literally) with Google's recent Moog Synthesizer doodle. While I think it lacks a bit as a musical instrument (though it does play a mean Dr. Who theme) what's interesting about it is the way it demonstrates the way different controls have an impact on the sound. Though I think the educational aspects could be a bit more out there - I'm still not clear on what "attack', 'decay' and 'sustain' mean. Though help like this video helps. The doodle could also be a bit clearer about where files are saved - a lot of the recording URLs simply open up my search page, and not the recording at all.

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NearPod - create and share lessons on iPads in classroom - free
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/05/22

From David Andrade: "NearPod is a free service/app that allows you to create interactive lessons and then share them across iPads in your classroom. Teachers create interactive presentations and then share them with the class." Neat.

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Google Plus Hangouts on Air feature now available to all users
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/05/08

By far and away the best thing about Google+ is the Hangout feature, essentially a way to have a videoconferencew with ten of your friends. This latest upgrade allows you to broadcast your Hangouts to as large an audience as you want. "With Hangouts on Air, you will be able to broadcast yourself publicly to the entire world, see how many viewers you have, and even record and reshare your broadcast. The public recording will be uploaded to your YouTube channel and to your original Google+ post." Too awesome. For my money, this becomes an immediate replacement for Elluminate (aka Blackboard Collaborate) in many open online classes (because, it's not like we can afford Blackboard's prices anyhow). Sadly, it's not available for everybody just yet - it's not enabled in my own account, for example - but is being rolled out gradually.

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World Backup Day - make sure your data and files are backed up!
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/03/30

I don't know how many times I've reminded people to back up their data, but every year it seems there's someone who wails, "I've lost everything!" So - tomorrow is World Backup Day - don't wait. Backup your data. And then, backup your backup. Or (as this item suggests) find some online storage. Today: Total:136 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Free Project Based Learning resource available
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/03/19

I haven't had a chance to review this item beyond a quick skim, but it looks useful: "a new publication on project based learning, Work That Matters: The Teacher’s Guide to Project-based Learning, produced in partnership with San Diego’s High Tech High. This is available as a free PDF download and has great tips, ideas, resources, and information for helping teachers and schools implement project based learning in their schools and classrooms. Today: Total:194 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Adobe PhotoShop Touch for iPad2 now available
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/02/27

Remember when Photoshop was a $500 application? Today, for one percent of that price, you're getting it on the iPad. Sure, not the whole thing - but - surely we're seeing a sea-change in software pricing here, aren't we? Today: Total:110 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2012/01/09

David Andrade writes "I'm a huge fan and user of Google's many tools and resources for educators. I recently found another great site that helps teachers learn about these tools and how to use them in the classroom. Integrating Google Tools 4 Teachers has tips, resources, and ideas for using Google tools such as Docs, Presentations, Sites, Maps and more in the classroom, including a section on using Google tools to help with STEM education. It even has a list of pro's and con's for Google Apps for Education and regular Google tools. The site is run by Colette Cassinelli, a Google Certified Teacher." Today: Total:120 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Unfettered by Stuff - or "Why I don't lug stuff home every night"
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy 2011/02/18

I think that once people get used to working with online technologies, they will reflect in wonder back at the days when they used to carry stuff around. David Andrade writes, "everything I use is available online, anywhere I go. 90% of student work is done and submitted electronically. All my resources are electronic and available to me anytime. Instead of carrying pounds of notes, books and student work with me, I carry a 138.5 gram (4.89 oz ) smartphone and let the internet carry everything else." Today: Total:126 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Board800 - web based Interactive Whiteboard
David Andrade Educational Technology Guy

"Board800 is an interactive white board that can be used by multiple users at the same time." How do you go wrong with that? You can't! David Andrade writes, "It is very easy to use and you can save your session. Tools include shapes, free drawing, and text. Your session can be saved as an image for later retrieval, archiving, or to embed in a document or web site. This would be great for distance meetings, distance learning, tutoring, homework help, and much more. You can also purchase a server version to host yourself for a fee." Today: Total:180 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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