MOOCing about with SaaS
Andy PowellAndy Powell, E-Foundationse-Foundations, 2012/03/22

Andy Powell is messing around with a MOOC on SaaS (Software as a Service) and Ruby on Rails in particular. The course is offered on Coursera. He writes, "In general, MOOCs are premised on the idea of connectivism as a pedagogic approach which I'll summarise somewhat trivially by saying, "you may not know the answer but in a large enough social network you'll probably know someone who does". I suspect this works particularly well in what I'll call "softer" disciplines - for example, where homework submissions take the form of essays. As it happens, it has also worked quite well for this course, not because people have directly given away the answers in the discussion forum but because the general discussion around problems and issues (with all aspects of the course) has been incredibly useful." Today: Total:80 [Comment] [Direct Link]

DC-HTML Profile Becomes DCMI Recommendation
Pete JohnstonPete Johnston, e-Foundationse-Foundations,

As Pete Johnson announces, "DCMI announced today that the document Expressing Dublin Core metadata using HTML/XHTML meta and link elements has become a DCMI Recommendation." This changes the way Dublin Core elements are placed into Meta tags at the head of HTML pages. "It means that metadata encoded in XHTML headers using the conventions of this profile is automatically mapped to an RDF graph and becomes available to GRDDL-aware RDF applications." Today: Total:39 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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