On AOL's Entry Into Weblogs
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Dave Winer sounds the warning bells. "Will AOL's equivalent of the "Blog This" button in their IM user interface work with Radio, Movable Type, Manila or Blogger? Or, more likely, will it just work with their blogging software? For all we know AOL took the high road, that would be unique and very cool, and would set the bar high. But I'd bet against it." Microsoft is next, he warns, with a "gated weblog community" and hence blog software vendors should "circle the wagons." Today: Total:21 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Who Will Pay For Software?
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Dave Winer writes a two part piece bemoaning the fact that people do not want to pay for software. (Part Two) The short items are worth reading, but ask yourself this: does everything have to be based on a user-pay model? Winer asks, "Could you run a car in the Indy 500 with no money?" Well no. But also, "If you paid nothing for health care, you'd likely die sooner." In fact, I don't pay for health care: I live in Canada where we have a public health care system. Now of course my free health care doesn't mean that we rely on volunteer doctors. But there are many, many ways to set up an economy. I don't pay to visit public parks. I don't pay to use a road. I don't pay to listen to the radio. Shrink-wrap pricing and licensing is one way to pay for something. Now I'm not saying all software out to be produced by the government. But I am saying is that Winer is setting up a false dilemma. Today: Total:31 [Comment] [Direct Link]

If You Want To Be in Google, You Gotta Be On The Web
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The Google issue in a different light. Dave Winer wrote the above on Sunday. OLDaily readers will recall that I said the exact same thing on Friday. "Want Google rank?" I said, "Publish good stuff..." But it is, of course, Winer's version of the argument that is all over the Blogsphere. See, Google doesn't rank 'first' it ranks 'most' (the one interesting exception to this being Google news, where 'first' counts but 'accuracy' doesn't). And though many articles break first in the mainstream, they are discussed most in the Blogsphere. So I take back a bit of what I said Friday. The Google algorithm should attempt to trace - and credit - the origin of a meme. Otherwise we will be in a situation where, according to Google, Dave Winer is the originator of all thought. Today: Total:35 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Real-Time Weblogs
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About two years ago I sat at the back of the room and sent an update to the WWWDEV list server about the presentation happening at the NAWeb conference. A couple of hours later I stood at the podium during my own talk and sent another message to the mailing list (if this wasn't a world's first, it was pretty darn close). This opened my eyes to what wireless access would do to things like conferences and classrooms. This capacity has now hit the leading edge of developers, as web logging maven Dave Winer observes in this article. "The whole notion of an audience changes. We no longer have to line up at the microphones, nor are we limited to asking questions. Instead we can relate what's happening on stage to the whole world, or at least that part of the world that cares, and they can help us develop the story." Today: Total:22 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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