Know your mobile media channels
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious, 2011/06/23

Good survey from Amy Gahran of the many ways people can reach each other using mobile media with a list ranging from the mobile website to social media to mobile apps to QR codes. Missing (so I perceive) is mobile webcast (as distinct from telephone or downloadable) audio - but maybe that's just because of my recent interests. Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Making Twitter Lists more useful with filtering
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Twiter has introduced lists; they allow you to create a group of people - much the way hashtags did - but to keep out the spammers. "Thus you'd avoid the growing problem of keyword tweetspam - when spammers post spam tweets that include keywords which anyone would see in a Twitter search. That gets really annoying, especially for trending topics and other popular search terms or hashtags." Today: Total:53 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Google Wave: I want it because I hate e-mail
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Well - yeah, but... for me, the big missing link has been a way to take my email coming in and use it somewhere other than in my email reader. It's like I have this one system for blogs, Flickr, twitter, RSS and the rest (including Wave), and another for email. If I could convert incoming emails to Waves, then the system would be very interesting to me. Today: Total:74 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why blocking news aggregators is dumb and won't work
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Just for the record: the blocking of news sites by subscription walls will not effect OLDaily (except, perhaps, to increase its readership a bit). Like thousands of similar services, OLDaily gathers news from the source, and frequently reports on issues and resources that would be completely overlooked in traditional media. While media with paid staff can expend more effort to go out and find the news, the need to pay such staff creates a commercial imperative, which means that the outlet must focus on mainstream news and sponsor priorities. OLDaily won't cater to the latter, and should some item from our field become mainstream (like, say, edupunk) it is more likely to show up here first, well before it attracts the attention of traditional media. Today: Total:32 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Kindle Problem: No reformatted PDFs, no Instapaper since late July
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Amazon may have accidentally revealed another feature of the Kindle: a proprietary marketplace. Amy Gahran writes, "the only content I can get onto my Kindle is content acquired through Amazon's Kindle store: purchased or free books, sample chapters, my Technology Review subscription, the Amazon Daily newsletter, etc. It's weird." Now this may be, ahem, temporary, just like the vanishing Orwell books fiasco, but it is nonetheless illustrative of what Amazon would really like to see with the hardware. Related: the future of book banning and the Book vs the Kindle. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why Use Twitter? Notes for My Journalism Expo Twitter Training
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

I'm doing a social media workshop tomorrow for the Atlantic Journalism Awards conference here in Moncton - the local newspaper called it the 'Tweeting Workshop' - and so this item seemed like a good thing to clip and save. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Straight to the Point: the Miniskirt Theory of Writing
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

On this site, I have a story to tell in 100 words or so. I try to tell it in the first 23 words. The remaining 77 words are for added detail, quotes or whatever. The 23-word rule defined the length of the 'lede' in print journalism. That's how much attention your newspaper reader would give you. You had to write the whole story in the lede. People talk about how online writing is different, but in this respect, it isn't. It's just that the vast majority of people have not been taught how to write for newspapers (to me, that means they haven't been taught to write, but that's another story). Today: Total:74 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Nokia USA: It's Not Your Intermediaries, It's YOU
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this sort of feedback. Amy Gahran gives it to them for free - good, solid advice that should not be ignored (I like the video from too). Apple should take heed - they made me pay $79 for my free replacement of an iPod that bricked for no good reason less than a year after I bought it. Today: Total:59 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Stupid Strategic Commenting V. Smart Engagement
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

I comment on numerous websites and, of course, many peopl comment on my own. In my own case, my commenting is motivated by a desire to add to the discussion of the topic. I very often think by means of writing on a topic, and commenting gets my brain flowing. These comments often result in blog posts. But as Amy Gahran notes, nt every comment is motivated by discussion. A significant number of them are intended only to attract business or website traffic. Though not technically the vile weblog comment spam, these comments are still unwelcome. "As if my blog only existed as a springboard for his marketing!" Today: Total:51 [Comment] [Direct Link]

How to Blog Without the Time Sink
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Good advice from Amy Gahran, wich I completely endorse: "the key to blogging efficiently is this: DO NOT treat it like writing an article or report. That is, make blogging part of your ongoing processes for research, notetaking, and communication." Today: Total:54 [Comment] [Direct Link]

People Are Connections
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

Good post on personal identity and interpersonal connections. "Every time we connect – and especially every time we empathize, if only for a moment – our world gets wider and stronger. We can accomplish more." Today: Total:33 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Why Stephen Downes Hates "Webfeed"
Stephen DownesStephen Downes, ContentiousContentious,

Discussion between myself and Amy Gahran of Contentious Weblog on what RSS feeds should be called. About a year ago, she came to the conclusion that 'RSS' is too geeky for the average person, held a naming contest, and eventually settled on 'webfeed' - a term that grates on me every time I hear it. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Link-Only (Basic Blog Post Formats, Part 1)
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

I'm not going to link to all seven parts of this series as they unroll, but the tolic is intriguing and this link will get you started if you're interested. The author is beginning a series of posts on types of blog posts, beginning with the basic link post. If the rest of this series follows this lead, the types will be defined and advantages and disadvantages of each will be described. Today: Total:36 [Comment] [Direct Link]

More Corporate Blogging Resources
Amy GahranAmy Gahran, ContentiousContentious,

The theme of most advice to corporations considering an excursion into blogging - if you believe, say, Microsoft's Robert Scoble or Six Apart's Mena Trott, is "be honest" - in other words, a complete break from the usual practices in corporate communications. That said, as the other articles in this nice summary on corporate blogging note, this new media is an excellent communications and marketing tool, allowing you to connect directly with your employees and customers. Also worth reading from the same author: Strong words free your mind. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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