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Stephen DownesStephen Downes, BookBook, 2011/08/09

Anya Kamenetz responds to my review saying "I've never read anything you've written (and yes, I've read plenty of your writing) that would be particularly useful, comprehensible or interesting to a bright 19 year old like Weezie, much less a 64 year old trying to earn a community college degree, like Melvin Doran, the LearnerWeb participant." Given all the practical advice I've offered in this space over the years, this seems a bit unfair.

Still, recognizing that it would be helpful were my advice offered in one place, I offer a compilation of my popular and useful work:

Access :: Future
Practical Advice on How to Learn and What to Learn
an e-book by Stephen Downes

This is just one book. I also have a ton of other material on really practical hands-on stuff (how to create RSS feeds, how to set up Drupal, how to create a radio station, etc.) which I'll compile and post some time in the future. And maybe I'll release the 'open education' book, the 'connectivism' book, etc. in the weeks ahead, if there's any demand for it. Today: Total:81 [Comment] [Direct Link]

E-Learning Practices
Ugur Demiray, Ed.Ugur Demiray, ed., BookBook,

A large two-volume set summarizing e-learning in countries in Europe and Asia has been released. PDFs: Volume One, Volume Two. Interestingly, as Paul Kawachi writes, "Many countries including most reviewed in this book generally hold onto an apprentice model and experiential learning through a cooperative process. Even with e-learning technology, the apprentice model is still employed." Though the papers are in English, the emphasis is on 39 countries outside the English-speaking world. Today: Total:97 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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