Open Thinking is Open
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A new online community, Open Thinking, has been launched. What I don't know is why. Is there some reason we cannot use our own spaces to talk about "open technologies or formats in regards to software, publishing, content and practice?" What's the benefit of going over to your place? Is it that blogs aren't good places for discussion? Today: Total:72 [Comment] [Direct Link]

No Webmail For You!
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I just want to note this item briefly to show how priorities can become completely skewed: "The crackdown was sparked by concern that some students were wasting their academic potential by spending class time writing e-mails to friends, officials said Friday." The day reading and writing are considered to be 'wasting academic potential' is the day rules have replaced rationality. Today: Total:40 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Read-Blend-Write Web
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Good overview of the history of the idea of mixing, merging and otherwise mangling RSS feeds in education. Today: Total:55 [Comment] [Direct Link]

New Edublog - The Illuminated Dragon - and Some Good Questions
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Rob Wall introduces us to this new edublog by Donna DesRoches. A sample: "Shouldn't teachers play with new knowledge and information? Why should learning be serious work? Is this the feeling we impart to our students about learning? If teachers cannot find joy in learning is it possible to create students who are life-long learners?" These questions alone could fill a blog. Today: Total:47 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Building a School Website One Blog at a Time
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I'm in Edson and spent the day giving a seminar at the Grande Yellowhead School Division. It was a fun day. I have audio, but my system resolutely refuses to let me upload them - whether it's my FTP program, my web server, or the hotel connection, I don't know. So I offer you this link, about building a school website one blog at a time - because I will certainly use it as an example during the continuation of our seminar tomorrow. Today: Total:76 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Presentation - DIY eLearning systems
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Presentation being given today by Rob Wall looking again at the 'small pieces loosely joined' approach to educational technology. Nice use of the S5 presentation, and even more interestingly, authored using Dave Winer's recent OPML Editor and converted to S5 using an OPML file exporter (if the text looks too grey, just click). Today: Total:34 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Weblog Communities - AMTEC 2005 presentation
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Nice presentation by Rob Rall at AMTEC 2005 about how weblogs form learning communities. Even if you don't have time for the podcast, do take a look at the slides, which with useful animation show clearly how you can build a community even though you are not depending on a portal or community site - this is what I mean when i talk about a 'distributed community'. Also from AMTEC 2005, a summary of John Seely Brown's keynote. I so wish I could have gone to that conference - I used to live in that building, back when it was called MacEwan Hall and home to the student newspaper, the Gauntlet. Today: Total:49 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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