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iPads For All: One Sales Team's Story
Chris MurphyChris Murphy, Information WeekInformation Week, 2012/01/27

I have a sense this is moving a lot more rapidly than people realize. For example, "Level 3 Communications just gave iPads to its 1,300 North American salespeople and sales engineers.... Level 3's sense of urgency is a reminder of just how fast tablets are moving into mobile workers' lives. 2011 was the year of pilot tests. 2012 is the year companies will roll out iPads by the thousands to entire sales and service teams, packing them with purpose-built business applications, not just generic email, browsers, and off-the-shelf productivity apps." It's what we always expected of mobile computing - I remember talking up a project to do this sort of thing for engineers in 1999 - but it took tablet-sized devices and ubiquitous internet to actually do it. Today: Total:37 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Firefox 3: From HTML Renderer To Information Broker
Mitch WagnerMitch Wagner, Information WeekInformation Week,

Good article describing the (coming) intersection of the web browser and microformats. I've covered microformats before: these are little snippets of XHTML that define information structures in web pages. "Rather than going to Craigslist, eBay, and other sales services to post something for sale, you'd post the listing to your blog, in hListing format, and Craigslist and other sales services would scrape the Web, find your listing, and include it in their service." Major potential, and a bit easier than developing RSS. So where does the browser come in? "Web browsers are likely going to associate semantically marked up data you encounter on the Web with specific applications, either on your system or online." Hard to say when this would be rolled out; give it a year for Firefox 3 and, what, 6 years for Microsoft? Oh yeah, and in 2010 Blackboard will claim to have invented it. Via elearningpost. See also David Wiley on this. Today: Total:255 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Canada Is Still No. 1 In E-Government Ranking
Eric ChabrowEric Chabrow, Information WeekInformation Week,

Canada is number one in e-government for the fourth straight year, according to this survey from Accenture. Being inside that government I am able to see some of the planning and discussions around e-government, and what I've seen suggests to me that we'll be in this position for years to come. It's important, I think, to keep in mind that e-government is more than just e-voting. It is also more than just a government website. Today: Total:57 [Comment] [Direct Link]

The Next Web
David M. EwaltDavid M. Ewalt, Information WeekInformation Week,

Overview article touting the benefits of the semantic web. Not especially technical and I would quibble a bit with the way the semantic web is represented. Interesting description of a project by Autonomy that scans text and identifies key ideas based on the placement or frequency of words that are associated with certain concepts. Today: Total:48 [Comment] [Direct Link]

Secret CIO: Beware The Blog In Your Company's Future
Herbert W. LovelaceHerbert W. Lovelace, Information WeekInformation Week,

The author, a CIO of a multibillion-dollar international company, rants against blogs. He complains about the "...amount of time people will spend on the blogs they feel compelled to monitor, and worse, create. As it is, we spend a large part of our day wading through stuff to find the achingly infrequent important messages." But blogs act as filters so we don't have to wade through hundreds of posts. Worse, he writes, "the last thing you want are uncontrolled and ever-expanding records of individual activities and opinions" because of the potential for litigation... "what you've said way back when may really hurt you." I personally think that it's good that we have such a record. So that when multibillion-dollar international companies (inevitably) break the law, we can catch them. Today: Total:46 [Comment] [Direct Link]

AOL's Online Campus
Elisabeth GoodridgeElisabeth Goodridge, Information WeekInformation Week,

Your new competition in online learning: AOL Time Warner. The internet and publishing giant has "thousands of content partners" including the University of Phoenix. The only roadblock to their total world domination is the fact that AOL Time Warner doesn't have degree granting capability. But that, like all things, is subject to change. Today: Total:36 [Comment] [Direct Link]


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