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No. 8 aha moment: web 2.0 will change everything in online learning
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MOOCs, MIT and Magic
Technology, teaching and productivity: the need for theory
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Innovation, quality and digital resources: the LINQ 2013 conference
Is there a link between flexible access and ‘productivity’ in higher education?
An explanation of how ACE accredits MOOCs
A review of the HEQCO report on productivity and quality in online learning in higher education
Towards a theory or model of productivity for online learning: outcomes, scale and design
Examining the potential and reality of open educational resources: the 2013 COHERE conference
MOOCs, Norway, and the ecology of digital learning
Look back in anger? A review of online learning in 2013
Productivity and online learning redux
Producing ‘innovative’ graduates and how online learning can help
My vision for an open textbook
Research on Distance Education for First Nations/aboriginals, from IRRODL, Vol. 15, No. 1
Why successful consortia for online learning are so difficult
Time to retire from online learning?
What I learned from the Open Textbook Summit
Submitting a doctoral thesis on online learning? Some things to keep in mind
Chapter 2. The nature of knowledge and the implications for teaching
Learning theories and online learning
Dialogue and discussion: critical for 21st century skills development
The nurturing and social reform models of teaching and their relevance to connectivist online learning
Models for teaching by doing (labs, apprenticeship, etc.)
Is there a Canadian market for American online programs?
Some (further) thoughts about ‘agile’ learning design
Comparing xMOOCs and cMOOCs: philosophy and practice
The strengths and weaknesses of MOOCs: Part I
Review of ‘Online Distance Education: Towards a Research Agenda.’
Two design models for online collaborative learning: same or different?
Why MOOCs are only part of the answer for higher education
Are rich media better than single media in online learning?
My five wishes for online learning in 2015
Seeking the unique pedagogical characteristics of social media
Balancing the use of social media and privacy protection in online learning
Teaching in a Digital Age
Advice to the Alberta government on Athabasca University’s sustainability report
Writing an online, open textbook: is it worth it?
MIT and German research on the [appalling] use of video in xMOOCs
Is there a future in online learning?
Australia moves backwards from online apprenticeship training
Update on British Columbia’s open textbook project

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