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by Stephen Downes
Mar 12, 2015

CRC Blog
Various authors, Centre for Research Communications (CRC), 2015/03/12

From the email lists: a new CRC blog. "The Centre for Research Communications (CRC) at the University of Nottingham works nationally and globally with researchers, funders, institutions and publishers, on challenging and exciting opportunities in opening access to research.  The recently-launched CRC Blog http://thecrcblog.wordpress.com will provide updates on all the SHERPA Services (RoMEO, JULIET, OpenDOAR and FACT) and projects (SHERPA/REF, OARR and JoRD)."

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Half of Canadians wish they had sought more career planning advice, survey finds
Press Release, Canada NewsWire, 2015/03/12

According to this article, "One in two Canadians who have not had career counselling say they would have sought professional career planning or employment advice if they could do it over again, a new survey has found." Of course, it's easy to find regret about the past in any population. I would be curious to know how people who followed career planning advice would have responded. In my case, had I followed the advice, I would have had a career in the military. So what would have happened? Would I today be a general, an unhappy sergeant, or perhaps lost out on a battlefield some place? Regrets, I would have had a few. Maybe. The survey was commissioned by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC). Via Academica.

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Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription
Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed, 2015/03/12

"The reality of Kindle Unlimited ended up being wildly divergent from all the hype," writes Joshua Kim. While he awaits the long-promised audiobooks, the selection currently available, he says, is nothing he would want to read. "The selection on Kindle Unlimited is shockingly bad.  Amazon seems to have been completely unable to persuade authors or publishers to join the program." (You can stop reading at the 'wish list' what begins with 'The Sellout: A Novel'; the articule does not resume after that long list).

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Can We End 'The End of College' Already?
John Warner, Inside Higher Ed, 2015/03/12


More pushback against the 'end of college' theme (ironically in an issue of Inside Higher Ed that also discusses the closure of Sweet Briar college). This post addresses Kevin Carey's argument (discussed here) on 'The End of College'. I'm generally critical of Carey, but I'm really put off by the tone of this article, which seeks mostly to belittle him. Warner's criticism is, essentially, "In Carey’s formulation, because an already highly educated professional can pass an online Biology course, we are on the cusp of a revolution." Perhaps Warner should recall that, not so long ago, it would have been very difficult even for a highly educated professional to take a course in biology. Belittling Carey won't change what is happening in the environment.

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