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by Stephen Downes
Oct 27, 2014

The Story of Greatguy7
Eric Sheninger, A Principal's Reflections, 2014/10/27


So this school principle is looking for good examples of YouTube videos being used to teach things and is referred to an account by someone called Greatguy7, who turns out to be an eight year old boy. Among the videos is one on how to make YouTube tutorials, which he refers to a colleague. Great story, right? Here's the kicker: Greatguy 7 turns out to be his own son. Eric Sheninger writes, "not only did I have no idea about this, but I had never helped him get on YouTube or create videos for that matter... The end result, in his words, was that my son taught a veteran teacher with over 30 years of experience how to make and share videos."

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Stand Up for Education
Various authors, National Union of Teachers, 2014/10/27


Britain's National Union of Teachers (NUT) has released a manifesto (16 page PDF) addressing changes to the direction of that nation's schools. While the document is focused on the British general election slated for 2015, the document has wider relevance. Among other things, it argues that:

  • We need a wider vision of learning and achievement
  • We need more time for teaching – not more tests
  • All children deserve qualified teachers
  • We need to end child poverty
  • Education should not be run for profit
  • We need teaching to be an attractive profession

I think these are reasonable statements. And I think that all parties will need to look at a retreat from the numbers-based corporate-focused education that has characterized reform in some places in recent years.

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