By Stephen Downes
September 26, 2003

Home Is No Place For School
Brief statement of some of the major objections to home schooling. The major points: first, many parents are not qualified to teach, especially when students reach higher grade levels. And second, students that study at home miss out on the non-academic values of schools, such as socialization and citizenship. The former is at this time a good argument (on Judge Judy the other day I saw a parent who could not even pronounce words properly proudly announce that she was home-schooling her children, notwithstanding the fact that she had not attained the grades she was now purporting to teach). The latter less so, as home-schooled children they also miss out on bullying and peer pressure, among the other less savory aspects of the school system. By Dennis L. Evans, USA Today, September 3, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

MSN Ditches Chat - Gillian Kent Urges Everybody to Adopt Instant Messenger
Dave Green of NTKnow says it much better than I could: "A contrary couple of weeks among the forces fighting the good fight - or at least, convincing everyone else they are. MSN certainly added a few people to their buddy list after many outlets ran MSN's cancelling of their chat services without a glimmer of analysis. MSN UK head Gillian Kent was on all media, recommending people switched from 'free and unmoderated' chatrooms to... MSN Messenger. Oh yes, much safer. Anyone wanting to write a real follow-up story might want to try opening MSN Messenger. Click on 'Search for a Contact'. Choose 'Search By Interest'. Browse 'Profiles By Interest'. Click on 'People > Romance'. Click on '13-19'. Voila. A list of potential penpals, sorted by age and gender. Any chance of MSN Messenger getting shut down now? Or is the AIM-killer a bit more profitable than free, moderated chat?" By Anonymous, currybetdotnet, September 24, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

Teacher Money May Run Private Schools
I'm just killing myself over this one. Is it capitalism run amuck? Or is it socialism run amuck? Either way - let's hear it for the teachers, who are responding to the privatization of their workplaces by buying the workplaces! Oh sure, I can hear the critics chiming in from all sides - but if the teachers own the schools, they are probably in a better position than ever to protect their own jobs and at the same time advance the principles of education and learning they have worked for so many years trying to promote. Of course, there is the darker, more cynical interpretation (which I do not rule out): that " the investment was a last-ditch effort by Gov. Jeb Bush, who is strongly in favor of privatization, to resuscitate Edison." Nothing is simple in today's world, is it? By Joni James, Miami Herald, September 26, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

After 5
The e-learning industry newsletter for New Brunswick has added an RSS feed (at http://www.teleeducation.nb.ca/feeds/enNews.xml ). It has, of course, been added to Edu_RSS. If you use their feed, drop them a note - I'm sure they'll appreciate knowing that it was worth the effort. By Various Authors, September 26, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

Enterprise IA Roadmap
While not a complete picture, this diagram (available via link as a PDF from this page) is nonetheless a useful guide to undersatanding the dimensions of enterprise information architecture. Where the author uses the term 'klog' you can replace it with the original term 'weblog' or 'blog'. Also, as some commentators have pointed out, the roadmap lacks a semantical dimension, overlooking ontologies and relational data. Still, as I said, a good entry point. Via elearningpost. By Louis Rosenfeld, LouisRosenfeld.com, September 25, 2003 [Refer][Research][Reflect]

ISSN Canada
Well. Prompted by some nice comments on my discussion board, I decided to take another crack at obtaining an ISSN for OLDaily. I received the following response: "Thank you for your application. At the moment, we are no longer assigning ISSN to weblogs, but the situation is under review. The question of whether weblogs will be able to be assigned ISSN is under discussion in the international ISSN Network. The question hinges on the scope of the ISSN but also on the very real consideration of the limited staff resources of ISSN centres worldwide." Now it is worth noting that I did not self-identify as a weblog: I declared OLDaily to be an online periodical. But they have decided that OLDaily is a weblog, and (therefore) will not be assigned an ISSN. Which means, bibliographically, it doesn't exist. This link is to ISSN Canada, to which you may send your comments. By Various Authors, Undated [Refer][Research][Reflect]

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