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By Stephen Downes
April 26, 2002

A New Look for Stephen's Web A new design and new features constribute my my vision of the newsletter website as the future of continuous professional development. By Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, April 26, 2002 [Refer][Reflect]

Education and Embodiment We hear over and over again the idea that our online experiences are impersonal, disembodied experiences, and that therefore a full education, which necessarily involves bodily experiences, is impossible online. This essay refutes that contention. By Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web, April 26, 2002 [Refer][Reflect]

JSE / Liberty Schools Challenge A number of things to note about this newly launched online version of a ghost trading competition in South Africa: first, the use of a simulation competition to promote learning; second, the sponsorship, for the first time, of the competition by an external agency; and third, the use of the simulation to promote sales (of "resources" - i.e., newspapers) online. By Various Authors, The Learning Channel Campus, April, 2002 [Refer][Reflect]

Online Graduate Degrees: A Look at Programs, Costs and Features Overview article touting the benefits of online learning - especially accessibility - and describing the range of graduate programs available. Some statistics, but nothing very detailed. By Cecily Fraser, CBS Market Watch, April 25, 2002 [Refer][Reflect]

Pushing Affordable E-learning Modules for Remote Barangays Online learning in the Philippines will serve as a proving ground for an agreement between Microsoft and Blackboard. The two companies have signed a deal with Philippine company Systems Technology Institute (STI) and the national telco, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), to roll out basic e-learning content for remote schols within the next six months. Additionally, the story notes, Microsoft and Blackboard are collaborating to integrate the Microsoft .Net platform into future Blackboard releases, beginning with the launch of Blackboard 6. By Lawrence D. Casiraya , I.T. Matters, April 25, 2002 [Refer][Reflect]

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