I work in the Learning and Performance Support Systems program at the National Research Council, a multi-year effort to develop personal learning technology and learning analytics. I am one of the originators of the Massive Open Online Course, write about online and networked learning, have authored learning management and content syndication software, and am the author of the widely read e-learning newsletter OLDaily.


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Mass learning must mean web-based study


This was pretty much the theme at the Online Educa Berlin conference: "We have all the elements needed to make online courses succeed, but institutional inertia at well-established universities stymies progress." But it's not just here; the theme seems to be lurking in the background. "If politicians and educationalists continue to insist that modern nations need an ever-growing army of graduates, it seems inevitable that the virtual university will become a significant player before long."

Today: 200 Total: 200 Laurence Brockliss, Times Higher Education, 2016/12/02 [Direct Link]

5 IDEAS for a pedagogy of online learning


Tony Bates summarizes Lourdes Guardia's Next Generation Pedagogy: IDEAS for Online and Blended Higher Education. which summarizes emerging developments in online pedagogy with the acronym IDEAS: Intelligent, Distributed, Engaging, Agile and Situated. According to Bates, the elements of the acronym "are a useful organizational framework for summarising what in fact is a wide range of emerging online practices." Probably the most interesting part is the list of "emerging online practices" (and sometimes the institutions associated with them), for example, "Flexibility and personalisation (Capella University, USA); Innovation as a teachable topic (MIT, USA)"

Today: 233 Total: 233 Tont Bates, online learning and distance education resources, 2016/12/02 [Direct Link]

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know


This is a very basic guide and if you know nothing about modifying open documents, this is a good place to start. But it focuses almost exclusively on the different technical formats (and a bit on licenses) and not at all on how you might adapt contents for specific purposes. The main thing I got from this is that PDFs are hard to modify.

Today: 219 Total: 219 Cheryl Cuillier, et.al., Open Textbook Network, 2016/12/02 [Direct Link]

Janwaar Castle - Skateboarding Challenge 2016


Another update from Janwaar Castle, which encourages youth development through skateboarding in rural India. It describes and presents Janwaar's first skateboarding challenge, and discusses the level of support the project has started to receive from a wider audience.

Today: 210 Total: 210 Ulrike Reinhard, YouTube, 2016/12/02 [Direct Link]

The push for Asian HE internationalisation indicators


As this story notes, "UNESCO has begun work on drawing up a series of indicators on higher education internationalisation in Asia to help universities and education policy-makers in the region to develop an international outlook and promote international higher education links against a set of solid, accepted, quality benchmarks." We have for example, a project in Japan where 30 effective indicators were defined to assess internationalization.

Today: 137 Total: 707 Yojana Sharma, University News, 2016/12/01 [Direct Link]

Containers: Are they worth the hype?


Not a deep article, but it will give you the basic idea of container tools such as Kubernetes from Google, Swarm from Docker, and CoreOS. Containers are a tye of virtualization, but they "don’t need to make a virtual copy of the host server’s hardware features, and they also don’t need a full copy of the host operating system to be installed within the container. This enables containers to be orders of magnitude more lightweight and flexible."

Today: 140 Total: 732 IDG Connect, 2016/12/01 [Direct Link]

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